About Me

Govind Garg is a Harvard trained physician who retired early from his medical practice to persue his passion for photography. He had become seriously interested in photography after he took a week long course in California in the early 1980s.

For over a decade he has studied at the Santa Fe School of Photography with various well known photographers, while still practicing medicine. He became friends with many of these photographers and has traveled to many places in the world with them.

"I learned a lot more photography by spending time with these masters, on a one to one basis. They helped me define and refine my photographic technique and offered me opportunities to expand my vision and deveop my own technique. I started to visualize the dynamic role of changing light and shadow that highlights colors and forms. I always try to get away from generic photographic images already in the marketplace and produce an image that is uniquely mine.

Govind has been exhibiting his work around the country and in San Antonio for almost 10 years. He has been writen up in the local medical journal, the San Antonio Express News and has appeared on the local TV, on San Antonio Living. His color prints hang in many collectors' homes and offices.

He recently purchased a new Hasselblad H2 camera, which gives him incredible images. He produces his prints in his custom designed dark room. His prints are in Cibachrome (Ilfochrome) media, which is a chemical process on a plastic surface. The process is time consuming and expensive. Since the arrival of digital prints, very few labs in the the world are dedicated to the Cibachrome process. Hence Cibachrome prints are getting rare and collectible.

"I try to capture the very essence of a landscape, with a mixture of good light and shadow. Instead of creating unusual and distorted images, I try to bring out the best in the common and well photographed landscape. My goal is to produce fine prints that are pleasing to look at" Govind Garg.